'I have learnt to be even more curious than before'

Jared C

​'I really liked making our own electromagnets. Then the copper wire started to smell funny...'

LabRats member who is now better informed

'Seeing my project come to life was AWESOME!'


Science Club

'I made two lifelong friends through the LabRats and I have been in some very fascinating conversations' Zoe M

'I have formed quite a number of friendships'

Vicky M

'Science is no longer something you just read or get taught about'

Joseph D


​​​Who are the LabRats?

LabRats are kids between Year 5 to Year 8, come in all shapes and sizes, from all sorts of burrows, and have different rodent interests.

And what to these rats have in common?

We love learning, we work hard, we are nice to one another, we always say 'thank you', and WE LOVE HAVING FUN!!