Every cause needs champions and we are grateful recipients of the generosity of institutions and industry. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, we need all the help we can get in terms of: 
1) financial support for projects and community work
2) work experience placements for our members  in any science-related field

3) brain food for the LabRats e.g. scientific journals both old and new

Special mention to CETEC who supported financially from the time we began in 2010, and to the Australian Synchrotron which houses researchers of all sizes.  

If you are a big LabRat at heart, join us!

This amazing institution is the breeding ground for talent and creative thinkers, and many of our LabRats members have passed through its doors since its inception.

We are very appreciative to the very capable JMSS staff who have so kindly invited us to take part in their annual science fair.


To the good people at the prestigious scientific facility, words fail to express how much we appreciate the space, the comfort, and the privilege of calling the Australian Synchrotron the

LabRats Burrow.

Find out how you can join tours of the awesome facility at www.synchrotron.org.au

Dr Vyt Garnys with Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich

Dr Garnys - founder, managing director, principal consultant of CETEC, and champion of the LabRats Science Club.

Thank you for believing in us, and investing in the coming generations of thinkers and doers!

Find out more about CETEC Professional Scientific Services at www.cetec.com.au

Championing Curiosity: Thank you for your support!