2015 Carnival of the Curious

In November 2016, the LabRats c ollaborated with the Dandenong Library to organise a science carnival with the aim of reaching out to children who are less exposed to science opportunities.

How rewarding it was for all of us who got to share our passion for learning!

Images soon to come

2016 Science at the Park               

(Coolart Wetlands)

In August 2016, the LabRats trekked to the Coolart Wetlands to celebrate National Science Week.

It was so much bush-fun as we helped to conduct all sorts of nature-related activities including a bird watch, observing the geology around the wetlands, observing creepy crawlies from the waters, and finding out secrets that beans keep.

Science Club

Champions of Curiosity

They make our adventures possible


In 2015, the LabRats launched the 'Kids-Teaching-Kids' initative where we get to share our love for learning with the greater community.

The goal of program is two-fold:

1. Paying it forward

We are grateful recipients of the goodwill of our stakeholders and researchers who generously contribute their time and expertise to mentor our members. By sharing what we have learnt with other kids who are not as fortunate as we have been, we aim to further expand the influence of our stakeholders and researchers to make this world a better one.

2. Confidence and Communication

By interacting with the general public, and winning other kids over with lots of exciting activities, our members learn to communicate more effectively, and gain precious confidence through the process.

3. Did someone mention FUN???!!