We agreed that it was important that we investigated rubbish in our society, so we embarked on the best type of adventure.... a rubbish adventure. We learnt about plastics, made plastics, conducted a survey of the quantity and types of domestic rubbish we produce.

We celebrated our work with friends in 'The Great Rubbish Fair', where we showcased our little projects based on our investigation. Thank you to Associate Professor Victoria Haritos from Monash University's Engineering Faculty who joined us at the fair and shared with us her work on obese yeast which turns rubbish into gold!  

We like investigating!

Science Club

For nine months, the LabRats tracked changes in weather and pond ecosystem on Monash University (Clayton) grounds.

We had lots of fun ponding and learning about the many types of macrobenths and their life cycles.

The Great Outdoors


Champions of Curiosity

They make our adventures possible

The Gross Belly Button Project

The Great Rubbish Project

As part of a Citizen Science Project, we investigated whether bacterial flora is different in different people and whether gender, diet, and age play in the differences. We even investigated whether an innie or and outie affected the bacterial flora.

We learnt how to make agar plates, collect samples, swab plates, incubate, and safely dispose of bacteria. 

It was a fun project. But it was also gross.