Marshmallow Madness

The Challenge

The challenge in this feat of engineering and confectionery mayhem were

1) to launch the marshmallow the furthest distance OR

2) land the marshmallow into a a cup of hot chocolate

What We Learnt

1) Projectile motion involves 2 vectors

2) Energy transfer

3) The versatility of marshmallows   

We really like making things!

The Challenge

This was our very first engineering challenge - members had to come up with clever ways of using the solar-powered battery charger. Some innovative ideas included chargers sewn onto caps, bags, post boxes etc etc

What We Learnt

1) Basic circuitry

2) How solar panels work

3) Designing solutions

The Challenge

The LabRats had to find creative ways of using a ultrasonic sonar, programmed using an Arduino board. We made little brother detectors, early flood warning systems, allergy detectors, possum traps, cars that stop automatically, built a calculator from scratch... Great job LabRats!

What We Learnt

1) Introduction to Coding 

2) Introduction to Circuitry

3) The beauty of not giving up

The Great Solar Charger Challenge

Drones, Droids, and Robots

The Challenge

The challenge was to transport a can of soft drink:

1) fastest across 5m OR

2) the longest distance

No prizes for guessing which huge contraption won for the second category. The only reason why Leon's huge wheels stopped was because it couldn't turn corners!

What We Learnt

1) Energy Transformation

2) How to cope with race day jitters

LabRats at the Races

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