LabRats find different places to play....

We are always looking for new things to learn and what better way of learning than through visiting sites and experiencing the knowledge? Thank you to the people and organisations for making these excursions possible. We thank you from the bottom of our rodent hearts. 

Mt Burnett Observatory

Many thanks to Braeden Borg and the amazing team of cosmic observers at the Mt Burnett Observatory for opening our eyes and minds to the wonders of our Universe.

It's overwhelms us to imagine how little space we take up in the Universe....

Many thanks also to the parents for making this a fun evening out for everyone - we still can't believe we got to see the rings of Saturn!!

Find out how you can visit this awesome facility at

Australian Synchrotron

Jonathan deBooy, Kent Wootton, Zoran Vasic, Luther Vasic... thank you all so much for bringing us into the belly of the Synchrotron beast and showing us the magic of electrons, light, and magnets. 

You too can join tours to learn more about the facility yourself. Find out more at:

Swinburne University's AstroLab & OzGRAV

'Jawdropping' and 'mindblowing' are adjectives to describe our interstellar adventure into the worlds unknown. It's an infinitely humbling experience to learn just how much we don't know about this Universe we live in. 

Dr Rebecca Allen from Swinburne University brought us on a staggering VR tour of our friendly galaxy and beyond; and the very capable OzGrav team comprising Jackie Bondell and Lisa Horsley shared with us secrets that gravitational waves hold and how we are detecting them.  

Find out more about Swinburne University's Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing  

and OzGRAV

Council House 2 (Melbourne City Council)

Pierre Asselin brought the lair to see the very clever building in the heart of our beloved Melbourne City to learn about what sustainability looks like in a building. Incidentally, the CH2 Building is the first 6-green star rated office building in Australia.

Many of us experienced for the first time the many sustainability measures we've only seen in books and videos. Among many of the technologies used, we learnt how architects and engineers made the building an energy efficient one by utilizing thermal mass, water, night purge, co-generation, and both natural and artificial system. 


Again, many thanks also to the parents for making this a fun day out for everyone!

Learn about the CH2 here: