Stuart Batten

Crystal Chemistry


Pierre Asselin

Making Sustainability Count


Team NOVA Rover

Mighty Machines To Mars 

(Engineering, Robotics)

Victoria Haritos

Sugars, Obese Yeast and Biofuels

​(Chemical Engineering)

Zoran & Luther Vasic

Let there be Light!

Synchrotron Science


Gemma Lamp & Rosa Sola-Molina  

The Amazing Brain

​(Neuroimaging -Psychophysics)

Rob Hayes

Zara Dennis

​​The Flying Geophysicist


Ashley Rozario

Peeping Into Cells With Super-resolution Imaging


Duncan Galloway

Neutron Stars



Tom Rich

Becoming a Paleotologist



Wai-Ho Li

Aye, Aye, Bionic Eye




Patricia Vickers-Rich        The Ediacaran World (Paleontology)

Two Men and A Toad: The Evolution of Australian Cane Toads



Marlenne Rodriguez

Seabirds: Australasian Gannets



​Dear Superstar Scientist,

We are looking for an adventure in your area of research, and to learn from you about the exciting happenings in your field.

We also really want to know how you got to where you are today.

Show us how we can help our world, find the cure for cancer, travel to the edge of the Universe, we want to learn from you.

Please join us at the Australian Synchrotron!

LabRats Investigate The Great Outdoors


Kathryn Visser

It's In Your DNA

(Genetic Counseling)

James Pearson

​Synchrotron Science


Joseph Bevitt

Digital excavation and fossil reconstruction

(Neutron and Synchrotron Imaging)



Tim Moss

Life in the Womb

​(Pre-Natal Science)

Adrian Dyer

Life Through the Eyes of Bees

​(Vision Science)

Andreas Fouras

X-Ray Imaging


Elizabeth Paratz

Fixing a Broken Heart




Alison Every

Stomachaches and H. pylori

​(Mucosal Immunology)

David Cheng

Graphene: The Next Big Thing

(Materials Engineering)

Kent Wootton

​The Pharlap Mystery

(Synchrotron Science)

Patricia Vickers-Rich

Great Crises in the History of Life


Science Club

Sir David Attenborough

Allie Ford

Communicating with Aliens


Katie Mack

Mysterious Universe



Marshmallow Madness:

LabRats Engineering


Jim Driscoll

Julie Boyce

Bang, Crash, Boom!

(Volcanology and Geology)


Kevin Chan

Everybody Dance Now!


Stephen Poropat

Dinos Down Under:

Australian Cretaceous Sauropods



Fighting Cancer in the Lab: Synthetic Biology and Cancer Vaccines



​Schedule of Superstar Scientists - join us at the LabRats Lair!

Observing the Universe (Astrophysics)

Sam Thiele

Volcano CSI


​Schedule of Superstar Scientists who had brought us along on all sorts of adventures in past years


Patrick Baker

Trees and Climate Change

(Forest Ecology)


Nicole Morton

OzGRAV & Rebecca Alllen

The Universe and Gravitational Waves


Ros Gleadow

Cyanide and Cassava



Tessa Charles

David Hocking

Under the Sea

(Marine Ecology)

Jasmina Lazendig-Galloway

Black Holes


Katherine Mack

Dark Matter


Rebecca Yee

Recycling Fish-n-Chips: Converting Waste Oil Into Biodiesel

(Chemical Engineering)


(Forensic Science)

Patricia Vickers-Rich

Linden Ashcroft

Angry Atmosphere

​(Climate Studies)

Jacqui Towns

Who's Who in Medical Science?


Sam Towns

Fighting Cancer with Machines

(Medical Physics)



Plastic Soup: 

Plastics In the Port Philip Bay

The Great Solar Battery Challenge


Shageeta Jhanjee

Purely Numbers


Richard Reina

How Many Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea?

(Marine Biology)


Jonathan de Booy

​Synchrotron Science and Emission Spectra

David Barnes

Big Data and Visualisation

​(Astronomy and


Circuits, Coding, & Arduino Boards


Ben Cowie

SeabiInfectious Diseases and Mind-Controlling Worms


Back in the Belly of the Synchrotron

(Synchrotron Science)

Kent Wootton

Chocolate at the Synchrotron

​(Synchrotron Science)

Harry Wassiti

Champions of Curiosity

They make our adventures possible

Pia Lentini

Australian Bats

(Applied Ecology)

Jenny Cuxson

The Unseen World


Bob Wong & Marcus Michelangeli

David Reser

The Hearing Brain




Alison Funston

Smaller Than Nano


Adrian Dyer

Life Through the Eyes of Bees

​(Vision Science)

Alison Funston

Almost Invisible


Steven Siems

The Rain Maker: Cloud Seeding



Greg Holland

Extreme Weather & Climate

​(Climate Science)



Michael Brown

Andrew Glenk


Travels of a Bedu:

Inspiring Generations of Thinkers

Corrie Williams

Taphonomy: CSI circa 20000BC


Up Close and Personal with an Aerosonde Drone


Greg Holland

Climate Change

​(Atmospheric Research)

Rosalie Hocking

Catalysing Greener Fuels

(Analytical Chemistry, Materials Science)

Paul Villiers

Building Epic Wind Farms

(Engineering, Sustainability)

Zoran Vasic

Synchrotron Science


Allie Ford

Knock Knock, Who's Out There?


Pierre Asselin

Linda McIver


(Computer Science)

Nicholas Price

Bionic Vision


What sets the PrimeSCI! LabRats science club apart is our long-standing relationship with researchers who act as scientist mentors. 

Researchers are invited for their research topic, scientific passion, and desire to communicate with younger minds. 

We show that scientists come in all shapes and sizes, genders and backgrounds. Meeting real scientists working in vastly different areas of science

provide tangible role models for the LabRats with their varied interests. 

If you are THAT researcher and would like to participate as our Superstar Scientist, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lydia at

Team Swinburne SAE

Vroom! Vroom!: Mighty Machines

(Eingineering, Sustainability, Business)

Pierre Asselin

Physics in Motion


Elizabeth Finkel

The Story Behind the Science

​(Science Journalism)



Darryl Holland

Water Quality and Algal Blooms

​(Water Studies)

Sally Haldyz

Bugs and Water Quality

(Freshwater Ecology)

Peter Trusler

The Art of Science


Yulia Shuvalova

A 500 Million Years Long Adventure



Pierre Asselin

Sustainable Buildings: Melbourne's Council House 2 


Dean Morris, Joel Trewhella, Nick Rae 

Inside the Belly of the Synchrotron Beast

(Synchrotron Science)

Kent Wootton

A Million Times Brighter Than The Sun

​(Synchrotron Science)