The LabRats  Science Club is a community of Year 5 to Year 8 members who

  • get to meet with awesome researchers from diverse fields of science 

  • share the same enthusiasm and passion for learning 

  •  investigate and experiment to explore the wonder that is our World

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Championing Curiosity: Thank you for your support!

I have no special talents. I am only        passionately curious.           Albert Einstein 

We are seriously. Curious.

superstar scientists

Awesome researchers who bring us on all sorts of adventures!

Every cause needs champions and we are grateful recipients of the generosity of institutions and industry. 

Special mention to CETEC who supported financially from the time we began in 2010, and to the Australian Synchrotron which houses researchers of all sizes.  

Kids teaching kids

We share our love for all things curious with other kids in our community

the labrat Lair

Find out how we got started and why we are passionate about what we do

Step Into the                                      Lair 

Rats at play!

Have a look at what we have been busy investigating, coding, building, extracting, and launching! 

Our Mission:


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