November 2021: 'LabRats Build' Series

Excitement to come!

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the labrat Lair

Find out how we got started and why we are passionate about what we do

In 2013, the really really nice folks at the Australian Synchrotron invited the LabRats to set up our lair at their NCSS Building where world class researchers work to better our world. Aren't we lucky?? 

Step Into the                                      Lair 

Rats at play!

Have a look at what we have been busy investigating, coding, building, extracting, and launching! 

In collaboration with the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (Junior Division), the LabRats are embarking on exciting adventures in water in 2020.

Many thanks to Landcare Australia for making the adventures possible! 

I have no special talents. I am only        passionately curious.           Albert Einstein 

May 2021: Reshaping Aboriginal science with Geology, Archaeology, and Robots

Paleomagnetist Agathe Lise-Provonost and Spatial information-infrastructure-engineer Martin Tomko uncover hidden secrets of our rich Aboriginal history in Budj Bim, Victoria. Their research is changing the narrative of Australian history, and their conviction is infectious!

October 2021: 'LabRats Build' Series

Excitement to come!

Science Club


When the going gets tough, LabRats get tougher.

We will continue through these exceptional times looking for more discoveries, more friends, and opportunities to serve others.

To the superstar scientists, organisations, kids and parents who continue to believe in us, THANK YOU

Kids teaching kids

We share our love for all things curious with other kids in our community

September 2021: 'LabRats Build' Series

Excitement to come!

March 2021: What Lies Under the Surface...

Superstar scientist and President of the Field Naturalist Club of Victoria, Max Campbell, brought us into his microscopic world of delicate diatoms, adorable moss piglets... and killer algae.

Our Mission:


Our chance to play-it-forward: The LabRats at the biennial Australian Synchrotron Open Day 2017 & 2019 where we shared our love for all things curious with thousands of people!

June 2021: We love OzGRAV!

What an unforgettable interstellar adventure filled with colliding neutron stars and gravitation waves with superstar scientist and bona fide space cadet Lisa Horsley from OzGRAV. 

We are seriously. Curious.


2019 Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grant Recipients  

superstar scientists

Awesome researchers who bring us on all sorts of adventures!

April 2021: LabRats @Dolphin Research Institute

April 2021: LabRats@Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Institute

April 2021: LabRats@Jock Marshall Reserve, Monash University

Thank you Landcare for these adventures!! 

August 2021: Food - Different By Design

To celebrate the Science Week Theme for Schools this year, Daniel Elridge will lead us through a menu comprising miso soup, cream, cheese, vinagrettes... all in the name of colloid chemistry!

​​​The LabRats  Science Club is a community of Year 5 to Year 8 members who

  • get to meet with awesome researchers from diverse fields of science 

  • share the same enthusiasm and passion for learning

  •  investigate and experiment to explore the wonder that is our World

  • believe in the importance of paying-it-forward

July 2021: Future Thinkers. Today.

Music. Performance. Intelligence. Perception. Giftedness. Psychology. Colours. Synestetes. Virtual reality. 

Very future thinking Solange Glasser and Ben Loveridge show us the power of creativity and collaborative research.